Only With Kings


We are

Only With Kings, a brand, a lifestlye, an ideology established and nurtured by James Owk and his team. Based in Philly we are embracing the hip hop culture and spreading its influence locally as well as nationally through music, visuals, events, and fashion.


James Owk
Founder | CEO

James is a Philadelphia based creative entrepreneur. Raised by parents and siblings who migrated to the United States from Cambodia as refugees, James' first generation experiences have collected into a space where the idea of "hustle for your last name first" has materialized and pushed him into the avenue of fashion and the creative arts.

A direct product of the Hip Hop universe is how James describes who he has become. Breaking social constructs to build bridges James is also an avid supporter of progressive education who also moonlights as a rapper whenever he catches the wave.

Koba Khitalishvili
Co-founder | Operations

Originally from Russia, Koba came to the US to pursue the masters in Business Analytics. From a young age Koba was introduced to basketball and ever since he has been an avid baller. Through basketball he got exposed to hip hop for which he has genuine appreciation and utmost respect. While critical of modern day performers he believes that old school is the only school. Besides hip hop Koba is into EDM and knows the best EDM places in Philly.

Being apt at all things technical Koba oversees all technological strategies, services, and products. With experience of working at tech startups he is now helping bring the Only With Kings brand into the limelight and learn a thing or two about entrepreneurship.