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dc.js - Oil and Ruble dashboard

This is a simple dashboard that shows the futures price of oil as well as the price of a dollar in rubles. The reason I included the ruble is to show visually how it is dependent on the price of oil. There are other factors that affect the USD/RUB exchange rate like economic sanctions, political circumstaces, supply and demand, etc. However, by far the oil and gas industry has nearly direct influence on the ruble economy.

I used the javascript charting library dc.js for data visualization, crossfilter for data manipulation, and for collecting data. Following resources were helpful for this exercise:

The data is updated as soon as the Quandl database is updated, usually on a daily basis.


- Update Exchange rate api request.

Daily Futures Price of Brent and WTI grade oil

Source: Quandl: Brent , WTI

Daily Price of a Dollar in

Source: Exchange Rates API: USD/RUB

Composite Chart

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Date WTI Price, $ WTI Price Change, % Brent Price, $ Brent Price Change, % RUB per $ RUB per $ Change, %